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Adjustable Height Universal & Hybrid Fixture Hanger Now Available in Black or White! See the White HERE

A premium mounting option that allows you to suspend aquarium light fixtures over your tank and easily attaches to your aquarium stand..


New Lower Prices on Classic EDGE & EDGE Reef Edition LED Light Fixtures!

Classic EDGE LED light fixtures from only $99.99. EDGE Reef Edition LED light fixtures from $139.99.


New Aquatic Life T5 HO Hybrid 4-Lamp Mounting System Fixture!

This New 4-Lamp Mounting System With T5 HO Lamp Housings Is For Use With The Kessil 360, EcoTech Radion and AquaIllumination Prime LED Fixtures. Available in 24", 36", 48" and 61" lengths for 18-24" wide (front to back) aquariums.

Starting at $229.99 for the 24-Inch Size!


New HME Brightek Cetus 2 84-Watt Marine LED Pendant Lights & Aquatic Life T5 HO Hybrid Fixture Bundles

Powerful 84 Watt LED Array provides full spectrum light with UV, ideal for all LPS & SPS corals now available with our popular Hybrid Mounting Fixtures!

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Introducing the Aquatic Life White Hybrid Mounting Fixture

Introducing the Aquatic Life White T5HO Hybrid Fixture

Introducing the Aquatic Life T5 HO White Hybrid Mounting Fixture

Our new White T5 HO Hybrid Fixtures are available in four lengths and are 18” wide. The width is ideal for aquariums that are 18”-24” front-to-back. Our 61” model is designed for use over a six foot aquarium and placing the LED fixtures at the end of the hybrid fixture will allow light to reach the ends of the tank. The included brackets for all sizes of our White Hybrid Fixture will accommodate the Aqua Illumination Hydra 26 & Hydra 52, EcoTech Radion XR15w & XR30w and Kessil AP700 LED fixtures. Optional White rectangular brackets are now available to add more LED fixtures and customize the hybrid fixture for narrow and wide tanks!