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Aquatic Life Pulse LED Freshwater Aquarium Light Fixtures

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Aquatic Life Pulse LED Freshwater Aquarium Light Fixtures

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Powerful Pulse Freshwater LED Aquarium Lights for Fish & Plants



The new Aquatic Life Pulse LED aquarium lights are sleek, low profile fixtures (only 1-1/4" thin!) with Euro-styling and a gun metal finish extruded aluminum alloy housing that complements the look of any aquarium. Thermostatically controlled fans keep fixture and power supply cool, and the long 9.5 ft. power cord makes it easy to suspend the fixture (suspension kit sold separately). The remote power supply has a 6 ft. power cord with convenient on/off switch and cooling fan to extend component life. The built-in computer is easily programmed with one knob to control color LEDs, white LEDs, moonlight and storm functions, and manual on/off storm function means you won’t miss the lightning. Pulse Freshwater 32" (420332), Pulse Freshwater 44" (420333).


  • Adjustable aquarium frame mounts accommodate aquariums between 46.75 and 55.75 inches long on the 44-Inch models, and between 35.5 and 47.25 inches long on the 32-Inch models.
  • After adjustment the frame mounts lock in place for a secure installation.
  • Glass lens covers help protect internal components.
  • Timer Daylight Mode allows the fixture to have programmed start and stop times while using a pre-programmed light intensity for each channel.
  • Timer Auto Mode allows for custom programming of the color and white LED’s intensity, start and stop times and moonlight functionality.
  • Built-in battery backup prevents resetting timer after a power outage. 
  • Modular components with quick disconnects make it easy to service if needed.




Additional Info

Additional Info

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44-Inch Fixture size: 43.75"L x 11"W x 1.25"H, Weight: 15.8 lbs., 32-Inch Fixture size: 31.5"L x 11"W x 1.25"H, Weight: 11.4 lbs. 44-Inch LED Specifications: Green LED’s (21), Pink LED’s (9), 6500K LED’s (54), 32-Inch LED Specifications: Green LED’s (14), Pink LED’s (6), 6500K LED’s (36).

Download the Pulse User Manual HERE

Download the Pulse Suspension Hardware Manual HERE