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HME Brightek Cetus 2 LED Aquarium Pendant Light & Aquatic Life T5HO Hybrid Fixture Bundles

HME Brightek Cetus 2 LED Aquarium Pendant Light & Aquatic Life T5HO Hybrid Fixture Bundles

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Powerful 84 Watt LED Array provides full spectrum light with UV, ideal for all LPS & SPS corals.

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Despite its small size the Cetus 2 packs a ton of power and features that you really only expect from larger aquarium light fixtures. The Cetus 2 LED is about the size of half a grapefruit but it packs 84 watts of maximum power which is aggressively cooled using a patented Copper substrate and a small, super quiet fan on the radial heat sink. Eight colors of LED inside the Cetus 2 include cyan, blue, royal blue, purple and UV, plus a little white, warm white and red to balance out the spectrum. The control of the Cetus 2 is handled by a Smartphone app connected via Bluetooth to enable fine tuning of six different color channels. The Cetus 2 is most exciting when used in groups, although a single 84 watt Cetus 2 can easily light up a two foot cube to intense light levels on its own. This is done by only using a flat white reflector as the secondary optic to provide very wide and even light distribution. Features: Powerful 84-watt output! Uniform PAR distribution - PAR value for a 24" deep aquarium at 52.5cm (20.6") from water surface is measured at 151 PPFD. Full Spectrum - Real full spectrum light in a very compact design with UV LEDs that help fluoresce pigments in corals, and patented color blending allows users to adjust color and intensity. Easy Group Control - Control without a controller, all you need is a Smartphone and App! Simple, intuitive APP comes with user-friendly UI that can be tailored to individual preference for any hobbyist and aquatic environment. Aspherical lens - Our exclusive optic aspherical lens array focuses all 84 watts of light into the aquarium with uniform coverage, intensity and penetration. Heat Dissipation - The Cetus 2 design uses advanced Copper (CU) heat-path technology that allows thermal conduction away from the LED array 100X faster. Mounting Options - Height adjustable black anodized aluminum mounting arms allow for perfect positioning of the Cetus 2 over any aquarium. 84-Watt LED Pendant Item # 420552, Cetus 2 Single LED Pendant Fixture Mounting Arm, Item #370571, Cetus 2 Double LED Pendant Fixture Mounting Arm, Item #370569, Cetus 2 Suspension Kit (1.3 meters long with mounting hardware) Item #470568.



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