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Aquatic Life Dual-Lamp T5 HO Marquis Freshwater Aquarium Light Fixtures

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Aquatic Life Dual-Lamp T5 HO Marquis Freshwater Aquarium Light Fixtures

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Dual-Lamp T5-HO Marquis Freshwater Aquarium Light Fixtures

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The Aquatic Life Marquis Dual-Lamp T5 HO (High-Output) Fluorescent aquarium light fixtures employ the latest leading edge technology for both the novice and experienced hobbyist. The built-in Digital Timer makes it easy to control the lighting. The Freshwater lighting system features two 6000K Daylight lamps to create a balanced light output, including peaks in the blue and red spectrums that matches the chlorophyll absorption peaks in plants, and at the same time enhances fish coloration. German-made individual lamp reflectors direct maximum light output down deep into your aquarium, and Aquatic Life Marine lamps use phosphors that replicate what corals, plants and fish receive naturally. All electronic ballasts are internal and are equipped with quick disconnects for easy serviceability or replacement. Adjustable width frame mounts securely hold fixture on virtually any type of aquarium, even frame-less designs. All models feature a single 2-meter power cord, allowing easy mounting. 48" (420308), 36" (420307), 30" (420306), 24" (420305).


  • Electronic Ballast built into fixture makes installation easy.
  • Adjustable width Aquarium Frame Mounts safely support fixture above the aquarium.
  • Anodized matte finish provides visual appeal and years of life.
  • German-made specially angled reflectors maximize light by directing it into the aquarium.
  • Convenient side location Digital Timer for lighting control.
  • Single power cord makes it easy to mount on the aquarium.
Additional Info

Additional Info

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24-Inch Marquis Dual-Lamp Freshwater Fixture: (2) 24" 24W T5 HO 6,000K Lamps

Download the 24-Inch Freshwater Spec Sheet HERE

30-Inch Marquis Dual-Lamp Freshwater Fixture: (2) 24" 24W T5 HO 6,000K Lamps

Download the 30-Inch Freshwater Spec Sheet HERE

36-Inch Marquis Dual-Lamp Freshwater Fixture: (2) 36" 39W T5 HO 6,000K Lamps

Download the 36-Inch Freshwater Spec Sheet HERE

48-Inch Marquis Dual-Lamp Freshwater Fixture: (2) 48" 54W T5 HO 6,000K Lamps

Download the 48-Inch Freshwater Spec Sheet HERE

Download the Dual-Lamp Marquis User Manual HERE