Consider this: a large percentage of residential water sources have sand, silt, sediment, or some other form of organic materials present in the water. This is most common in well water or private water supplies, although certain large cities like New York City have a very old underground water supply infrastructure and as a result a great deal of sediment, silt and other particulate matter present in their drinking water, which can cause serious issues with your reverse osmosis units if not remediated. Pre-filtration of the source water is an inexpensive way to reduce or eliminate these undesirable materials before they enter your RO or RODI unit. Read on for more info…




Our new 50-Micron Stainless Steel mesh add-on pre-filter kit is great for anyone that wants to add more filtration to their RO or RODI system, and is very efficient in heavy sediment applications. The mesh filter screen is removable and washable, and a waste free form of filtering since there is no disposable filter media and the mesh filter element may be cleaned and reused over and over again. Adding this pre-filter will really help your filtered water quality, and are ideal for use with any RO or RODI system where municipal or well water has large amounts of particulate matter and sediment. 50-micron reusable Stainless Steel mesh filter is rinsed to clean. Kit includes mounting bracket and hardware, 1/4-inch quick-connect fittings and 5' of 1/4-inch tubing.




Our new Single Clear Canister accepts any standard 10" Cartridge, so customized water treatment has never been easier!


Our Clear 10-Inch Add-On Canister Upgrade Kit is great for anyone that wants to add more filtration to their RO or RODI system. A standard RO/DI system will have three vertical canisters and a RO membrane on top. By installing our canister you can add an additional pre-filter sediment cartridge, carbon block cartridge, DI cartridge or Chloramine and/or VOC removal cartridge. Adding these additional cartridges will really help your filtered water quality. 1/4-inch quick-connect fittings and 5' of 1/4-inch tubing included.


We also sell our 10” clear refillable cartridge for DIY’ers that want to make their own 10” cartridges for DI resin, phosphate or nitrate removal, or they can be used for granular ferric oxide (GFO), a widely used form of chemical filtration in the reef-keeping hobby today as well.


These add-on systems are especially useful when filtering large quantities of RO/DI water on a regular basis. While you will need to make a small investment up front, it will definitely save you money in the long run by helping to increase the life span of all the filter cartridges in your system and by giving you better quality purified water for your aquarium.