A reasonably priced color changing deionized resin spot-free car rinse system with brass fittings! By removing TDS, a spot-free rinse in created – making it much easier to achieve a nice dry surface on your car, motorcycle or RV. ONLY $89.99!


When maintained properly, this unit will provide you with years of high-quality filtered water. Water quality is measured by the amount of total dissolved solids (TDS) in the water. It is the TDS in the water that leaves spots on a vehicle when the water evaporates. By removing the TDS, a spot-free rinse is created—making it much easier to achieve a nice dry surface. Removing TDS is accomplished by filtering the water through a resin that is charged with Cation and Anion resins (H+ and OH-). As the resin absorbs the TDS, it will change color. When the entire resin has changed color, it is time to replace the DI cartridge. Contents: (1) Dual DI Unit Housing with Mounting Bracket, (1) Plumber’s Pipe Tape, (2) Color-changing Deionization Cartridges, item 330091, (1) Canister Wrench, (1) Brass ½" MPT x Female Garden Hose Adapter, (2) Brass ½" MPT x Male Garden Hose Adapter, Installation, Operation and Maintenance Guide. Item 54056580 psi max source water pressure, 65 psi optimal.